Mental Health



Charities in this fund work with individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues, through immediate frontline services and long-term rehabilitation programs.



Vita Mens Sana

Vita Mens Sana provides specialized services for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, or a dual diagnosis of the two. Their programs include residential support, clinical services, and support for families and caretakers.

Toronto North Support Services

Toronto North Support Services provides services targeting mental health and homelessness in Toronto. Last year, they helped provide individual case management services to 1,312 people.
Rehabilitation centre


Renascent provides rehabilitation programs in Toronto targeting drug, alcohol, and food addictions. The rehabilitation program is an abstinence based 12-step treatment that is built on evidence. Last year 1,424 people received treatment at Renascent.
Rehabilitation centre

St. Michael's Homes

St. Michael's Homes helps people living with addiction in Toronto. In addition to direct treatment programs, St. Michael's offers crucial after care support services for clients who have completed their programs. Last year, 355 clients completed the extended treatment program, 61 completed the transitional housing program, and 427 people participated in the engagement program.
Crisis intervention

Distress Centres of Toronto

Distress Centres Toronto provides 12 crisis lines aimed at different types of counselling support. These programs include suicide prevention, senior support, multi-lingual support, connections to emergency medical services, and more.
Front line


Youthdale Treatment Centres provides psychiatric care and support for individuals and caregivers. Last year, they served 10,806 people through psychiatric crisis services, 634 people through family therapy, and 67 people through residential treatment.

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