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workplace giving

Give for Work helps purpose driven companies of
all sizes create and run a social impact program.

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Your home
for giving

Tell a story of your company's social impact and get insights on your culture of giving all in one place.

An experience
employees will love

The employee experience is built on Give for Individuals, the easiest and most personal way to give.

Match employee

Support employees on the causes they care about most with automatic and budget-friendly donation matching.

custom fund

Take your social impact to the next level by designing a mission-aligned custom fund with our research team.

Designed for companies of all sizes

We’re on a mission to help companies
of all sizes profit with purpose.

Company donations

Make company donations to any of our funds.

Donation matching

Match employee donations to the causes they care about.

A home for giving

Track and get insights on your company’s giving.

Match rules and limits

Set rules and limits on employee donation matches.

Cause voting

Engage employees on choosing which causes to support.


Run internal and external fundraisers for causes.

Custom fund

Design a mission-aligned fund with our research team.

Monthly and annual reports

Get reports that tell a story of your company’s giving.

Tax receipts

Get one tax receipt for all your donations.

Making giving
simple and smart

Give is powered by funds, a collection of
vetted charities centred around causes that
you can support with just one donation.

Built on trust

Donations are processed through Give Foundation,
a registered Canadian charitable foundation
(701092488 RR 0001).

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Give for Work
is coming soon

Give for Work will be launching later this spring. Join the waitlist to be one of the first to use Give for Work.

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