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2020 Annual Report

A word from the team

(We took this photo pre-COVID)

Welcome to our first ever annual report.

In 2020, we saw a global pandemic that took the lives of so many, put millions of people out of work, and forced us all into social isolation. We also saw another painful reminder of the systemic racial discrimination and hate-fuelled violence that plagues our society.

In a year like this, it can all feel hopeless. Even giving to charity can feel so small in comparison to the complex, deep-rooted issues our society faces. But what we must remember is that while giving might not solve these systemic issues, it can dramatically change the lives of those affected by it.

It's what inspired us to build Give, and it's what continues to push us every day to inspire the next generation of donors.

Whether you've been donating with us since our beta or just made a one-time donation, thank you for your generosity and support.

Jeff, Georges, and Angela

News from the year

Give Foundation became
a registered charity

(which lets us issue tax receipts)

By the numbers

People donated $102,279
to 48 charities with Give.

Increase in 2020
Monthly donations +421%
Monthly donors +148%
Average monthly donation +112%

Breakdown by fund

Outcome numbers are from underlying charities' most recent annual reports


Help those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donated through Give $46,577.70
Increase last year -
Portfolios with fund 21%

Charities in the fund...

answered 62,732 calls to their crisis line Distress Centres
saw 800 patients through their primary care clinic FCJ Refugee Centre
served 10,500 room nights for healthcare workers and patients at below market rates StayWell
distributed 2,270,000 pieces of personal protective equipment and hygiene kits Doctors Without Borders Canada
distributed 1,160,000lbs of COVID-19 emergency food boxes Daily Bread Food Bank

Black Resilience

Help address issues faced by the Black community in Canada.

Donated through Give $28,999.04
Increase last year -
Portfolios with fund 43%

Charities in the fund...

served 208,766 children through student nutrition programs FoodShare Toronto
served 1,000 students through STEM clubs Visions of Science
referred 101 youths to court diversion programs Peacebuilders Canada
helped withdraw charges for 61 youths Peacebuilders Canada


Provide front-line and long term support for those who are homeless.

Donated through Give $3,671.00
Increase last year + 414%
Portfolios with fund 47%

Charities in the fund...

distributed 13,000,000lbs of food Daily Bread Food Bank
provided 2,190 nurse or doctor visits Haven Toronto
provided emergency shelter for 313 people and 188 families Red Door Family Shelter, Sojourn House
provided subsidized or transitional housing for 600 people Homes First, Red Door Family Shelter, Sojourn House


Support research and conservation efforts to protect the natural environment.

Donated through Give $3,638.58
Increase last year + 493%
Portfolios with fund 51%

Charities in the fund...

got Freshii, Home Depot, and Lowe's to commit to phasing out PFAS chemicals from their products Environmental Defence Canada
supported 72 at-risk species Ontario Land Trust Alliance
certified 50 million hectares of forests for responsible forest management Forest Stewardship Council

Indigenous Resilience

Help address issues faced by Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Donated through Give $3,388.55
Increase last year + 567%
Portfolios with fund 41%

Charities in the fund...

provided employment training programs for 20 clients Miziwe Biik
supported 134 clients facing violence or trafficking risks Native Women's Resource Centre

Women and Girls

Provide support and resources for women and girls.

Donated through Give $2,888.81
Increase last year + 501%
Portfolios with fund 40%

Charities in the fund...

provided legal services to 2,032 women affected by violence Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
helped 65 clients through their sex worker transition program Elizabeth Fry Society
helped 182 mothers who were in conflict with the law Elizabeth Fry Society
provided 5,200 counselling sessions to young women Jessie's Centre


Support the vulnerable during the holiday season.

Donated through Give $2,785.73
Increase last year -
Portfolios with fund 9%

Charities in the fund...

provided 188 families with emergency shelter Red Door Family Shelter
moved 28 families to subsidized housing Red Door Family Shelter
served 112,000 kitchen meals Daily Bread Food Bank
provided 1,000 mental health care visits Haven Toronto
made 41,743 calls to seniors for safety, medication, and emotional check-ins Distress Centres


Support refugees and newcomers to Canada.

Donated through Give $2,515.22
Increase last year + 310%
Portfolios with fund 28%

Charities in the fund...

sheltered 401 clients Christie Refugee Welcome Centre, FCJ Refugee Centre
supported 167 clients affected by human trafficking FCJ Refugee Centre
helped 200 clients find employment Mennonite New Life Centre


Protect and improve the lives of animals.

Donated through Give $2,288.87
Increase last year + 478%
Portfolios with fund 28%

Charities in the fund...

cared for 3,200 animals in a shelter Toronto Humane Society
placed 1,225 animals in foster care Toronto Humane Society, Team Dog Rescue
provided medical care for 145 dogs Team Dog Rescue
saved 370,000 animals in natural disasters World Animal Protection Canada
got 31 travel companies committed to phasing out cruel animal attractions World Animal Protection Canada

Mental Health

Help individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Donated through Give $2,014.81
Increase last year + 364%
Portfolios with fund 43%

Charities in the fund...

served 793 clients through the inpatient treatment program Renascent
handled 25,264 phone calls to their support line Renascent
operated 81 residental options for clients Vita Mens Sana


Provide stability and community to at-risk youth.

Donated through Give $1,509.35
Increase last year + 178%
Portfolios with fund 29%

Charities in the fund...

had 199,000 conversations with youth who need help Kids Help Phone
provided shelter for 1,546 youths Eva's Place, Horizons for Youth
helped 145 youths complete high school Eva's Place
helped 10,000 youths find employment YES


Address the mental and physical health challenges of the LGBTQ+ community.

Donated through Give $1,189.77
Increase last year + 398%
Portfolios with fund 27%

Charities in the fund...

provided trauma-informed conselling to 207 people The 519
provided one-on-one settlement support to 1,404 LGBTQ+ refugees The 519
served 119 people through the Trans Youth Mentorships Program The 519
supported 3,280 LGBTQ+ youths through calls and chats LGBT Youth Line


Provide support and services to people living with disabilities.

Donated through Give $706.07
Increase last year + 406%
Portfolios with fund 21%

Charities in the fund...

provided funding to 762 children for essential mobility equipment Easter Seals
helped 115 clients find jobs Corbrook Awakening Abilities, Community Living Toronto
provided on-the-job support for 107 people Corbrook Awakening Abilities

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We pay monthly for so many services, why not pay monthly for something good? So happy I found this app.

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I haven’t been able to put aside the time to do the research myself to find meaningful and impactful charities to donate to, but this app makes it so easy!!

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