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Charities in this fund work with individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues, through immediate frontline services and long-term rehabilitation programs.


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Avalon Recovery Society

Avalon Recovery Society provides support, resources, and connections for women and their families who are struggling with addiction. Their program and services are accessible to anyone who identified as a woman and is seeking recovery. Last year, they received over 27,000 drop-in visits at their crisis support centre, and provided 675 hours of free counselling to women in recovery.

Coast Mental Health

Coast Mental Health provides resources to help those struggling with mental health illnesses. They provide housing, food, employment, and education programs to help in their clients' recovery process. Last year, they saved 111 client lives through overdose reversals and first aid provided on site.
Health service

Deltassist Family And Community Services

Deltassist offers counselling, community building workshops, senior support, outreach, and other information services to help maintain the psychological and mental well-being of individuals. Last year, they helped 930 individuals through the substance use program, 383 individuals through the alternatives to violence program, and 295 individuals through the suicide prevention program.

Lookout Foundation

Lookout Foundation provides many services to individuals coping with a variety of challenges including poverty, mental illness, substance use, trauma, mental or physical disabilities, chronic illness, and financial and legal issues. Their programs include medical and dental clinics, food bank, needle distribution and community cleanup, HIV and Hepatitis C support, and employment programs. Last year, they provided shelter to 2,852 individuals, housing to 1,176 tenants, received over 21,000 overdose prevention visits, served over 410,000 meals, collected over 46,000 needles, and received 187,385 visits to the supervised consumption sites.
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Plea Community Services Society

Plea provides services that help children, youth, adults, and families who face significant challenges. Programs include residential treatment for addiction, community based alternatives to youth detention, services for those at risk of sexual exploitation, employment and education support, mentoring, and more. Last year, they helped 85 individuals leave sexually exploitative situations, helped 35 participants overcome issues with substance use, and provided clinical counselling to 282 participants and their families.

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