Charities in this fund protect and improve the lives of animals, from petitioning for better animal treatment regulations, to providing shelters that rehabilitate animals.


Animal shelter

Langley Animal Protection Society

Langley Animal Protection Society, or LAPS, is an humane animal shelter working in the Langley area to take in surrendered animals, provide training and vet support, as well as spay and neuter programs. Last year, LAPS spay and neutered 240 feral cats and spent more than 500 hours on positive reinforcement clicker behavioural training.
Habitat protection

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund Canada is part of a global network of organizations in over 100 countries working to protect nature, combat climate change, and reverse wildlife decline. Last year, WWF Canada contributed over $500,000 to help with the Australian wildfire relief. They also protected over 39,000 hectares of native plant habitat in Ontario.
Animal shelter

Wildlife Rescue Association Of British Columbia

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (Wildlife Rescue) runs a wildlife hospital which provides medical treatment and rehabilitation for urban wildlife. To help educate the public and support coexistence with urban wildlife, they provide a wildlife hotline and information through local events. Last year, they treated 4,722 animals across 139 different species at the hospital, and raised 33 orphaned animals and reunited 74 wildlife babies with their mothers.
Animal advocacy

World Animal Protection Canada

World Animal Protection Canada is a part of an international organization that helps animals everywhere live free from suffering. They protect animals through rescue operations during disasters, and advocate for a more humane treatment of animals. Last year, they improved the lives of 2.3 million pigs through their work with pork producers in Thailand, vaccinated 97,000 dogs in Africa, and more.
Animal advocacy

Paws For Hope Animal Foundation

Paws for Hope works improve lives of companion animals in BC by integrating animal welfare programs with social service programs in order to address the root causes of pet surrenders and neglect. Their Better Together program provides supplies, food, and veterinary care for low income pet owners, which last year helped 604 pets access veterinary care, and connected their owners to 11 different social service agencies. Their No Pet Left Behind program providing temporary fostering for pets whose owners are dealing with a crisis, including escaping violence, dealing with addiction, or seeking mental health treatment.
Land conservation

Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada works to save wildlife in Canada through research, conservation, and awareness. Their work includes protecting wolverine populations in northern Ontario, studying the human impact on boreal caribou populations, the effects of climate change on freshwater fish in northern Ontario, and more.

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