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Disability Fund

Charities in this fund provide support and services to people living with disabilities. Through multi-service and housing programs, these charities help those with disabilities live and thrive independently, with access to support if needed.

3 charities

Community Living Toronto

Community Living Toronto provides people with intellectual disabilities with short term care and residential support. Last year, Community Living Toronto helped a total of 4,395 individuals receive care.

Easter Seals

Easter Seals works to improve the quality of life for Canadians living with disabilities by helping them access mobility and accessibility equipment. Last year, they provided 786 children with funding for mobility and accessibility equipment. They also gave out over $44,000 in scholarships to help children with disabilities access post-secondary education.

Corbrook Awakening Abilities

Corbrook provides services and support for people with developmental disabilities and helps them become more independent. Participants are able to obtain work experience, learn new skills and meet new people. Corbrook runs two social enterprises - a boxing company, and a spice packing company - that employs many individuals with disabilities, which supplements the cost of running their programs. Last year, Corbrook created employment plans and provided training for 273 people with developmental disabilities.

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