Animals Fund

Charities in this fund protect and improve the lives of animals, from petitioning for better animal treatment regulations, to providing shelters that rehabilitate animals.

Land conservation

Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada works to save wildlife in Canada through research, conservation, and awareness. Their work includes protecting wolverine populations in northern Ontario, studying the human impact on boreal caribou populations, the effects of climate change on freshwater fish in northern Ontario, and more.
Animal shelter

Team Dog Rescue

Team Dog Rescue is an animal shelter helping shelter dogs find new owners. Notably, they rescue dogs from under-resourced and high-kill shelters in the area. In the past year, Team Dog Rescue helped 99 dogs find new homes.
Animal advocacy

World Animal Protection Canada

World Animal Protection Canada is a part of an international organization that helps animals everywhere live free from suffering. They protect animals through rescue operations during disasters, and advocate for a more humane treatment of animals. Last year, they improved the lives of 2.3 million pigs through their work with pork producers in Thailand, vaccinated 97,000 dogs in Africa, and more.
Animal shelter

The Toronto Humane Society

The Toronto Humane Society is a no kill shelter and animal rescue helping to promote humane care and protection of animals in Toronto. Last year, they helped over 3,000 animals find homes, and provided care to 1,300 dying, special needs, and young animals. They also distributed 86 tons of pet food to owners in need.

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