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Toronto Animals Protect and improve the lives of animals. Explore fund
Toronto Disability Provide support and services to people living with disabilities. Explore fund
Toronto Environment Support research and conservation efforts to protect the natural environment. Explore fund
Toronto Homelessness Provide front-line and long term support for those who are homeless. Explore fund
Toronto Indigenous Highlight and address the issues and inequality faced by Canada's Indigenous peoples. Explore fund
Toronto LGBTQ+ Address the mental and physical health challenges of the LGBTQ+ community Explore fund
Toronto Mental Health Help individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. Explore fund
Toronto Refugees Support refugees and newcomers to Canada. Explore fund
Toronto Women's Issues Provide support and resources for women. Explore fund
Toronto Youth Provide stability and community to at-risk youth. Explore fund
Toronto COVID-19 New Help those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore fund
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