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Holiday Cause Icon


Support the vulnerable during the holiday season.

Holiday Fund Toronto 6 charities
Asian Resilience Cause Icon

Asian Resilience

Help address issues faced by the Asian Canadian community.

Asian Resilience Fund Canada 8 charities
Black Resilience Cause Icon

Black Resilience

Help address issues faced by the Black community in Canada.

Black Resilience Fund Canada 6 charities
Homelessness Cause Icon


Provide front-line and long term support for those who are homeless.

Homelessness Fund Toronto 5 charities
Environment Cause Icon


Support research and conservation efforts to protect the natural environment.

Environment Fund Toronto 6 charities
Mental Health Cause Icon

Mental Health

Help individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Mental Health Fund Toronto 6 charities
Indigenous Resilience Cause Icon

Indigenous Resilience

Help address issues faced by Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Resilience Fund Toronto 4 charities
Newcomers Cause Icon


Support refugees and newcomers to Canada.

Newcomers Fund Toronto 3 charities
COVID-19 Cause Icon


Help those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Fund Toronto 8 charities
Women and Girls Cause Icon

Women and Girls

Provide support and resources for women and girls.

Women and Girls Fund Toronto 5 charities
Animals Cause Icon


Protect and improve the lives of animals.

Animals Fund Toronto 5 charities
Youth Cause Icon


Provide stability and community to at-risk youth.

Youth Fund Toronto 4 charities
LGBTQ+ Cause Icon


Address the mental and physical health challenges of the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ Fund Toronto 3 charities
Disability Cause Icon


Provide support and services to people living with disabilities.

Disability Fund Toronto 3 charities
Haiti Earthquake Relief Cause Icon

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Provide emergency aid and relief to those affected by the 2021 Haiti earthquake.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Canada 2 charities
Afghanistan Relief Cause Icon

Afghanistan Relief

Provide emergency relief to the people in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Relief Fund Canada 6 charities