Women and Girls



Charities in this fund offer support and resources for women and girls, from providing women-only shelters, programs for pregnant or young mothers, and supporting those facing or recovering from trauma.


Health service

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic is a women-run clinic where women who have experienced violence and trauma can receive counselling and legal support. Last year, the centre provided 2171 women with counselling to heal from trauma and 2293 women with legal assistance. In additional to direct intervention, the centre advocates for law reform to benefit women.


Street Haven at the Crossroads

The Street Haven at Crossroads is a multi-service agency providing crucial services for women who are at risk of becoming homeless. Their 50 bed emergency shelter served 444 women last year, providing safety, food, and access to other support services. They also help women access computers, and find counselling services.


Elizabeth Fry Society

The Elizabeth Fry Society helps women and non-binary people involved in the criminal justice system. Their programs include helping women who are looking to exit the sex trade industry, supporting women in accountability programs find help instead of entering the criminal justice system. Last year, they supported 1,513 women across different programs.


Jessie's Centre

Jessie's Centre serves young pregnant women and mothers access a variety of support services. Last year, over 300 youth accessed services at Jessie's, such as prenatal sessions, school programs, counselling sessions, and parenting groups. An additional 91 young mothers and mothers-to-be are being supported in Jessie's housing stabilization program.


Scarborough Women's Centre

Scarborough Women's Centre offers a safe environment and support services to help women become emotionally and economically independent. Last year, they provided services to 352 women including counselling, employment assistance, and violence prevention.


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