Charities in this fund support refugees and newcomers to Canada. They provide settlement services and resources to help individuals find stability and feel a sense of belonging in Canada.



DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society

DIVERSEcity helps newcomers and diverse communities find success and belonging in Canada. They provide multilingual programs and services related to settlement, language, employment, and mental health. Last year, they provided 1,375 newcomers with one-on-one support.

Kinbrace Community Society

Kinbrace provides housing, orientation, accompaniment, and education services to refugee claimants in Canada. Last year, they helped 39 refugee claimants move from homelessness to permanent housing and provided 46 newcomers with comprehensive integration support.

Burnaby Neighbourhood House Society

Burnaby Neighbourhood House works support the diverse community in Burnaby. They provide a variety of services to address the needs of the community including parenting resources, community kitchens, free after school programming, language support and esl classes, seniors program and many more. Last year, they helped 162 newcomers settle in the community, made 1860 trips to deliver food and meals to seniors, helped 1220 clients with computer literacy and 2500 clients with tax services.
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North Shore Multicultural Society

North Shore Multicultural Society provides refugee and newcomer settlement services, low cost english classes, youth workshops, as well as employment support for those new to Canada. Last year, they provided services to 5,037 newcomers, and provided diversity and inclusion training to 2,100 North Shore residents.

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