Charities in this fund support refugees and newcomers to Canada. They provide settlement services and resources to help individuals find stability and feel a sense of belonging in Canada.


Settlement agency

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre provide services to refugees, like safe temporary housing, resources, and follow-up support to help guide them through the settlement process. Last year, they served 11,419 people in total.

Mennonite New Life Centre

Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto offers a variety of programs to support newcomers and help them integrate into the community. They run programs to help newcomers find jobs, learn English, and find housing. Last year, they served 4,124 clients.
Settlement agency

FCJ Refugee Centre

FCJ Refugee Centre helps uprooted people settle in Canada. They provide refugee protection, assistance with paperwork, interpretation services, and referrals to immigration lawyers. Last year, they helped resettle 39,000 individuals to Canada.

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