Indigenous Resilience



Charities in this fund highlight and address the issues and inequality faced by Canada's Indigenous peoples.


Employment services

Miziwe Biik

Miziwe Biik helps individuals in the Aboriginal community find employment, access training, and develop skills. In the past year, they have helped over 8,000 people looking for jobs. At Miziwe Biik, job seekers can access employment services, trade programs, education assistance, job fairs, and workshops. Last year, 467 people found employment, 33 became self-employed, and 569 individuals returned to school.
Healthcare support

Anishnawbe Health Toronto

Anishnawbe Health provides both western and traditional health care modelled on Indigenous culture and traditions. They provide numerous health services including primary care, palliative care, mental health programming, pre and post natal programs, 2 spirit and transgender programs, traditional healing services, and many more.


Anduhyaun works to support Indigenous women and their children to maintain their cultural identity, self-esteem, and economic, physical, and spiritual well-being. Last year, they provided 243 women and 34 children with safe shelter and counselling. They also provided transitional housing for 20 families, including 11 new families and 8 families who were able to move to permanent / affordable housing.

Native Women's Resource Center of Toronto

Native Women's Resource Centre provides support to urban Indigenous women and families. They provide culturally relevant support and programming including trauma support, employment assistance, support for women who are experiencing family violence, and more.

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