For many of us, the holidays are about gathering with friends and family in our homes and sharing meals. But for some, the holidays are an especially lonely and vulnerable time, exacerbated by shorter days and colder weather.

Thankfully, people are the most generous during the holiday season, with 30% of annual giving being made in December. To make your holiday giving as simple and effective as possible, we've created the Holiday Fund.

We've set a goal of raising $10,000 for the charities in the Holiday Fund - donate today to help the most vulnerable in our community get through the holidays.


The Holiday Fund consists of high-impact charities focusing on 3 important areas:

  • 1 — Supporting those experiencing loneliness
  • 2 — Sheltering the most vulnerable from the cold
  • 3 — Providing food security to those in need

Every charity in the fund has been carefully vetted by our research team. Learn more about our research.

1 — Supporting those experiencing loneliness

While the holiday season usually brings families and friends together, for some, it can be a harsh reminder of loss and loneliness.


Coast Mental Health

Coast Mental Health provides resources to help those struggling with mental health illnesses. They provide housing, food, employment, and education programs to help in their clients' recovery process. Last year, they saved 111 client lives through overdose reversals and first aid provided on site.


Lookout Foundation

Lookout Foundation provides many services to individuals coping with a variety of challenges including poverty, mental illness, substance use, trauma, mental or physical disabilities, chronic illness, and financial and legal issues. Their programs include medical and dental clinics, food bank, needle distribution and community cleanup, HIV and Hepatitis C support, and employment programs. Last year, they provided shelter to 2,852 individuals, housing to 1,176 tenants, received over 21,000 overdose prevention visits, served over 410,000 meals, collected over 46,000 needles, and received 187,385 visits to the supervised consumption sites.


2 — Sheltering the most vulnerable from the cold

As the weather gets colder, it makes the tens of thousands of people in Canada experiencing homelessness on any given day even more vulnerable. And with COVID-19 reducing the capacity of shelters and warming sites, the need is greater than ever.


The Bloom Group Community Services Society

The Bloom Group responds to the most urgent needs of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Their services meet the immediate needs of the individuals such as food and shelter, while providing programs to reduce homelessness, offer end-of-life care, support those with addiction and mental health challenges, and help women-led families to stay together during crises. Last year, they provided over 300 units of affordable housing, 33 units of semi-independent housing for residents with mental health related issues, and 47 units of licensed mental health care residential facilities. They also provided emergency shelter for 375 women and admitted over 200 individuals to their hospice for end-of-life care.


3 — Providing food security to those in need

Not only do food banks provide food security for those who need it, they often serve as the first point of contact for people in need, connecting them with other support systems like emergency shelter and mental health services.

Food bank

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides healthy food for those in need in Vancouver. Last year, they distributed 4 million pounds of food and supported 8,500 people every week. They also provide food to over 80 community agency partners and served over 40,000 individuals through these partners.

Food bank

Surrey Food Bank

Surrey Food Bank provides food assistance to low-income individuals in the Surrey and North Delta area. For clients who are unable to go to the food bank due to mobility issues, the organization offers delivery of their food hampers. Last year, they provided over 50,000 hampers and over 4600 cans of baby formula to the community.


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