For many of us, the holidays are about gathering with friends and family in our homes and sharing meals. But for some, the holidays are an especially lonely and vulnerable time, exacerbated by shorter days and colder weather.

Thankfully, people are the most generous during the holiday season, with 30% of annual giving being made in December. To make your holiday giving as simple and effective as possible, we've created the Holiday Fund.

We've set a goal of raising $10,000 for the charities in the Holiday Fund - donate today to help the most vulnerable in our community get through the holidays.


The Holiday Fund consists of high-impact charities focusing on 3 important areas:

  • 1 — Supporting those experiencing loneliness
  • 2 — Sheltering the most vulnerable from the cold
  • 3 — Providing food security to those in need

Every charity in the fund has been carefully vetted by our research team. Learn more about our research.

1 — Supporting those experiencing loneliness

While the holiday season usually brings families and friends together, for some, it can be a harsh reminder of loss and loneliness.

Crisis intervention

Distress Centres of Toronto

Distress Centres Toronto provides 12 crisis lines aimed at different types of counselling support. These programs include suicide prevention, senior support, multi-lingual support, connections to emergency medical services, and more.


Toronto North Support Services

Toronto North Support Services provides services targeting mental health and homelessness in Toronto. Last year, they helped provide individual case management services to 1,312 people.


2 — Sheltering the most vulnerable from the cold

As the weather gets colder, it makes the tens of thousands of people in Canada experiencing homelessness on any given day even more vulnerable. And with COVID-19 reducing the capacity of shelters and warming sites, the need is greater than ever.


Red Door Family Shelter

Red Door Family Shelter provides emergency shelter geared specifically for women and families. In addition to housing, they also provide child care, medical assistance, and programs for youth. Case workers are also available, who can support the families to transition to more stable housing.



Eva's provides shelter and transitional housing for youth, particularly those dealing with mental health and addiction issues. They connect youth to health, employment, and educational services to help them get back on their feet. Every day, Eva's provides services to over 120 youth.


Haven Toronto

Haven Toronto is a drop-in centre where homeless seniors, marginally housed, and socially isolated men can feel safe, form and cultivate friendships, and become part of a community. Last year, they served roughly 250 to 400 clients every day. Drop-ins at Haven Toronto receive food and access to nurses, dental hygienists, and other health services.


3 — Providing food security to those in need

Not only do food banks provide food security for those who need it, they often serve as the first point of contact for people in need, connecting them with other support systems like emergency shelter and mental health services.

Food bank

Daily Bread Food Bank

Daily Bread Food Bank provides healthy food for food insecure people across the GTA. Last year, they distributed 10 million pounds of food, 37% of which were fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to food distribution, Daily Bread Food Bank also provides training and cooked meals to its partner food banks. Through their partnership with Toronto Public Health, they helped 191 food bank users access free dental services last year.


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