Charities in this fund provide support and services to people living with disabilities. Through multi-service and housing programs, these charities help those with disabilities live and thrive independently, with access to support if needed.



Community Living Society

Community Living Society provides individualized, flexible, and creative support for adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury. Last year, they provided staffed homes for 123 people and supported independent living for 38 people. They also provided home sharing living arrangements for 68 people, and helped 124 people through the employment program.


Delta Community Living Society

Delta Community Living Society works to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and to provide ongoing support for their family and friends. Last year, 8 individuals enrolled in their community living program, 16 in their staffed residencies, and 21 received respite services. 68 individuals were able to receive customized employment and 70 were helped to live in home sharing programs.


Richmond Centre For Disability

Richmond Centre for Disability provides a range of services for individuals in Richmond living with disabilities. Last year, the provided 2,736 accessible parking permits, enrolled 750 people in computer classes, and provided 2,500 people with joined skills development activities.

Health service

Developmental Disabilities Association Of Vancouver Richmond

Developmental Disabilities Association provides over 50 programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families. They provide support services from infant and child development centres, to employment and semi-independent living, to respite and family support. Last year, They made 835 pediatric physiotherapy visits and screened 150 children for developmental delays. They also provided 489 people with licensed childcare and supported 155 families with special needs.


Kinsight Community Society

Kinsight works with families of children, youth, and adults with developmental delays and disabilities. Last year, they served 1,832 children through infant development programs, children development, early intervention therapy, transition planning, and others.


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