1,150. This is the number of anti-Asian racism incidents reported in Canada since March 2020. In some cities, the rates of hate crimes against Asian Canadians have surged by 700% since the pandemic.

In addition to this, Asian Canadians have experienced higher poverty rates even before the pandemic, and research has shown that they've been disproportionately impacted economically by the pandemic.

All of this culminates into what the Government of Canada calls a "triple jeopardy" for Asian Canadians.

While the definition of "Asian" is broad and not limited to those who have direct ancestry from the Asian continent, given the context of recent events and the connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, this fund focuses primarily on the East Asian community.


The Asian Resilience Fund consists of charities focusing on 3 important areas:

  • 1 — Provide culturally appropriate essential services
  • 2 — Protect Asian Canadian Seniors
  • 3 — Provide culturally appropriate mental health care

Every charity in the fund has been carefully vetted by our research team. Learn more about our research.

1 — Provide culturally appropriate essential services

Multi-service charities like as Love Toronto and Success Foundation help families with essential support such as meals and affordable housing. They also provide language training, job support, legal services, and more to the Asian Canadian community and newcomers across Canada.


Love Toronto

Love Toronto works to support the Korean-Canadian community and Korean immigrants. They provide assistance in overcoming obstacles that arise from cultural, language, or social barriers. Their programs include free medical consultation services for Koreans without OHIP, connections to Korean-speaking lawyers, and referrals to mental health support, grocery shopping assistance, and meal services.


Success Foundation

Based in Vancouver, Success Foundation supports Canadians and newcomers with programs and services in over 50 languages. Services includes newcomer settlement support, English language training, employment assistance, health education, affordable housing, and senior care. Last year, they received over 4,000 calls to their helpline, provided 144 seniors with care, and served over 70,000 meals.



Based in Calgary, Diversecities assists visible minorities with economic integration, social connection, well-being, and learning. They provide a variety of services including bridging newcomers, food assistance, language and social groups for seniors, and financial coaching programs. Last year, they provided 27 families with food, referred 35 clients to counselling, and helped file 750 tax returns.


Ottawa Chinese Community Service

The Ottawa Chinese Community Service works to advance social and economic integration and participation of newcomers, immigrants, and people of Chinese descent. They provide the Chinese-Canadian community in Ottawa with language assistance, job search and placement services, newcomer settlement programs, and family services for vulnerable Chinese seniors and low income families. Last year, they served 2,258 clients.


2 — Protect Asian Canadian Seniors

According to reports, Asian Canadian seniors were 57% more likley to be phyiscally assaulted and 250% more likely to be coughed at or spat on compared to young adults.

Not only is the targeting of a more vulnerable group reprehensible, it is also an affront to the community as elders are highly respected in many Asian cultures.

Immigrant seniors are also are twice as likely to live in poverty than non-immigrant seniors, and on top of that, racialized seniors are twice as likely to live in poverty than non-racialized seniors. Given the high rate of immigrants among Asian Canadians, this all adds up to an alarmingly high poverty rate for Asian Canadian seniors - 45% for some East Asian seniors.

Mon Sheong and Carefirst Seniors provide care for the elderly through long term care centres, food and supply deliveries, as well as health and social well-being programming.

Seniors Assistance

Mon Sheong Foundation

Mon Sheong promotes Chinese heritage by caring for the elderly and the young in the Great Toronto Area. They run three long term care centres, adult day programs, three Chinese school campuses, as well as three independent living apartments and private care units. Their current capacity is 457 beds and there are over 5,800 clients on the waitlist.

Seniors Assistance

Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association

Carefirst provides an integrated model of care for seniors in the Toronto area, focused on providing culturally and linguistically sensitive services. Last year, they delivered 7,441 packages of clothing and masks, 10,224 meals and food hampers, as well as virtual health education sessions to over 1,800 viewers.


3 — Provide culturally appropriate mental health care

Unsurprisingly, 3 out of 4 victims of anti-Asian attacks reported mental distress and emotional harm resulting from the incident. Hate crimes send the message that individuals and members of their community are unwelcome, resulting in them feeling unsafe.

Distress Centres and Hong Fook provides culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible mental health care to the Asian Canadian community. These services are crucial for victims of hate crimes and those who are battling related mental health challenges.

Crisis intervention

Distress Centres of Toronto

Distress Centres Toronto provides 12 crisis lines aimed at different types of counselling support. These programs include suicide prevention, senior support, multi-lingual support, connections to emergency medical services, and more.


Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation

Hong Fook provides programs that assist people with mental disorders, reduce stigma around mental health, and promote healing and wellbeing. They focus on delivering culturally-sensitive support to the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese community in the Greater Toronto Area. Last year, they helped over 2,200 clients with various mental and physical health challenges.



Charitable giving is just one part of what we can do to support the Asian Canadian community. Given that 76% of anti-Asian attacks reported in Canada took place in public spaces, you may end up being witness to an attack.

Covid Racism allows victims and witnesses to report anti-Asian attacks, which helps improve our collective understanding of anti-Asian racism to create better programs and policies.

Hollaback! provides an easy to understand guide on how to effectively and safely intervene when you witness anti-Asian attacks.

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