Make an impact this Black History Month

The Black Resilience Fund is designed to change the lives of Black people affected by systemic discrimination.

February is Black History month in Canada. Black communities and cultures have been an integral part of Canadian history, but through decades of discrimination, Black people in Canada today experience disadvantages in many areas of life, from food security to access to high paying jobs.

Our Black Resilience Fund is designed to change the lives of Black people affected by this systemic discrimination.

Here's the impact of just some of the charities in the fund:

  • Peacebuilders Canada helps keep young people out of the criminal justice system and advocates for justice system reform. They've referred over 100 youths to court diversion programs, and helped get 61 charges against youths withdrawn.
  • Visions of Science helps children from low income and marginalized communities access to STEM programs. They've helped educate and inspire over 1,000 students through STEM clubs, 80% of whom feel more confident in pursuing a STEM career.
  • Across Boundaries provides mental health support and services, specifically working within anti-Black racism frameworks. They've helped over 1,600 individuals through 12 different languages, and provides 150 hot meals each day.
  • FoodShare is a food bank with a focus on food injustice and food insecurity faced by Black, Indigenous, people of colour, and people with disabilities. They've served over 366,000 people with over 3.5 million pounds of produce.

These charities need your support to continue their crucial work in the Black community. Support the Black Resilience Fund by making a one-time donation, or by adding it to your Give portfolio to support them year-round.

In order to dismantle systemic racism in our society, we must also educate ourselves about its history and evolution — a topic too often left out of Canadian school curriculums. We recommend these resources to get involved:

  • Watch these films to hear stories of strength, courage ad perseverance from the Black Canadian communities
  • Sign this petition to demand that Canadian curriculums include anti-oppression and our history of racism, so that future generations are better prepared to understand social issues.
  • See U of T's Reading List for Canadian perspectives on anti-Black racism and violence.
  • Sign this petition to demand racial data on police involved deaths data in Canada. Without this data, racial violence in policing remains hidden from the public eye.